Bierwirth & Kluth
Competence in Hospitality

We are experts!

We are specialized in hotel and tourism because we know the market – especially in Germany - like no other. Profound consulting is based on experience, knowledge and soft skills such as sense of responsibility, creativity and a high degree of innovation capability.

The classic “Think Global – Act Local”

Our team combines two components: experience in worldwide international corporate business and specialized knowledge in medium sized companies within Germany – a combination hard to beat!

In for a penny in for a pound!

Of course we can do top locations but we are above all specialized in B locations as we know about their risks and challenges but also about their chances, trends and attractive return expectations.

The small but subtle difference!

Where we make a difference to typical hotel consulting: we operate ourselves and therefore are able to not only offer analysis and consulting but also to implement newly developed strategies actively as a management team in the operation.

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