Bierwirth & Kluth hotelier des jahres

B&K defined its corporate values many years ago. Over time, the wish arose to also define a vision sentence that combines the meaning of these values. It was supposed to represent the characteristics of our industry, describe what makes B&K special, and result in our core vision. We created the slogan "Creating happy traces through a warm heart and a sharp mind". Warm heart and sharp mind should express the sense of belonging, closeness and professionalism that exists at B&K. Happy traces are the translation for our "hospitality gene" and the hotel industry’s talent for bringing happy moments to others. We want to create these happy traces for our guests, as well as for our associates and business partners.

Two video clips explain our corporate culture further. With a bit sense of humour we show why it is worth becoming a part of the B&K family and what "happy traces" mean in relation to our associates. B&K unites people with various CVs, language skills and family backgrounds and we are proud of this diversity. We listen to our associates and are often able to respond to individual needs and changes. Experience shows that this pays off. Our associates share our love for the hotel industry. We enjoy working with them and we want them to enjoy working with us.

Flat hierarchies plus hotels with heart and soul as well as sustainable growth represent B&K as an employer. Our work philosophy includes contribution, mutual trust and being there for each other. We also involve our associates in strategic planning and decision-making processes. Open communication combined with a clear orientation and our common understanding of values are the basis for this.

Our associates and the guests we welcome in our hotels are very important to us. Each of our hotels is unique and special. Our guests appreciate this. Besides the individual design and established brands, it is usually the associates and their commitment that leave a lasting impression. "Solidarity" of guests, business partners as well as associates and "trust" are the elementary components and the centre of our corporate success and strength.

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