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During the past years there has been a strong trend to separate the ownership of real estate from its operation. This is mainly due to the entrance of institutional investors - such as private equity investments - to the hotel real estate market. As these investors are typically foreign to the hotel industry, asset managers are consulted in order to monitor the operational performance of a hotel or hotel portfolio. Their task is to analyze the figures and ensure that returns are generated and capital is invested to its optimum.

As asset managers we are the coordinators between the owner and the lease /operator. We monitor and control the operational hotel management as well as manage the hotel real estate itself.

This covers e.g. the following services and task areas:

Operational Control:

  • Controlling operational results, key performance indicators and forecasts
  • Conducting operational cost control according to key performance indicators
  • Controlling of sales and marketing activities
  • Conducting regular competition analysis and benchmarking
  • Controlling of budget process
  • Consulting in regards to placing management positions
  • Consulting in regards to franchise and other cooperation possibilities

Real Estate Management:

  • Controlling rent-, lease- and service agreements
  • Establishing regular activity reports in regards to the real estate
  • Creating and managing budgets
  • Taking care of fiduciary management of operational resources
  • Conducting invoice control
  • Tendering and contracting engineering services as well as construction and repair works
  • Monitoring janitorial activities

This service can be tailored according to your needs and we will present an offer following a first diagnose of your specific project.

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